Graced by Singe and Shadow

Imagine, if you will, being 
               singe: fiery blackness incomplete; 
               shadow: a solid’s castoff, draped and fallen 

Hint of flame’s desire to flee 
              flagrant conflagration 
              (which may destroy . . . or purify) 

Reside in silhouettes 

Become hot comb’s scar on tender nape, 
                shirt placket’s stain       page’s crisp flaking 


Kindred spirit masks      be / speak 
                to grace us both warm shadow 
                shedding light on Heaven’s favor 

                a spell     with / in     these moments 
                to read me clear     pass words     like “victual” 
                (sea silent; u suits itself to suite tea) 

Then burrow under hinge of noon 
                to get the picture: 

Mind, on set “ours” poetica foretells 
                you are maker too-- 

                of bound tradition (and off-the-cuff) 

                barbed warble     medley     riff 

                eminent emanation     street talk     guff 

                ancestral echo’s ricochet